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About Kris

Kris L. Hunter,

BCom, Dip. HRM, BPE


Founding Director & Lead Consultant

Kris Hunter is a values based leader with over 28 years of experience at leading and supporting people and their companies through strategic planning, leadership development, team building and process design and implementation. She is a leader and manager of people and projects within various types of industries. Her experiences working in government, not for profit, corporate, health and private sectors have provided her with the opportunity to establish the confidence and trust of senior executives, board members, frontline service providers and clients. 

Once a competitive athlete, Kris spent much of her time in aquatic, fitness and gymnastic training centres, where she developed her career and skills as a program leader, instructor trainer, manager and director within privately operated facilities and Municipal Parks and Recreation departments. Kris instructed leadership development courses at Mount Royal College in the faculty of Physical Education. She moved into Human Resources and Organizational Development as a Manager, and then Director, for a progressive local North Vancouver business that grew rapidly into an international renowned company with world famous motivational and personal development speakers and leadership programs.


Working within the non-for-profit sector in Human Resources for the BC Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health, provided Kris with further opportunity to develop systems, processes and guidance to researchers, leadership teams and support staff. For almost five years, Kris proudly worked as the Manager, which led to the Director of Programs, for the Minerva Foundation for BC Women, where she was an integral part of an influential movement that supported women in leadership and development. Throughout her career, Kris has created and facilitated hundred + varying types of learner-centred workshops, programs and courses in team building, business processes and leadership development.

Her entrepreneur and focused mind-set, vast skill range and interest in addressing business and leadership challenges quickly through prevention and proactive actions had inspired Kris to create her consultant company. Her ultimate goal is to help people within organizations to move forward with clarity and purpose. Through facilitation, guidance and professional coaching, Kris will guide you and your leaders to identify and implement your business or project’s purpose, values and goals. Her personable, creative, interactive and formulaic approach to establish growth and change is transformational. Kris will remove obstacles and replace them with methods, systems and behaviours resulting in positive and forward movement.


Not only does Kris consult with leaders in the capacity of an HR and OD professional she also owns and operates "Just Get Organized Today!", an office relocation business. Just for the love of it, she is a certified dog trainer too.

Kris completed her formal education at Mount Royal College and the University of Calgary where she obtained a degree in Recreation Management, a diploma in Rehabilitation Services and in Human Resources Management. She also has a Bachelor of Commerce, with a focus in Entrepreneurship and HR, which she received through Royal Roads University in Victoria. BC.

Kris' greatest contributions to individuals and organizations include providing guidance and support to maximize skills, productivity, efficiency and objectives. Kris' values Choice, Connection & Authenticity. These guiding principles are always evident in all of her client and personal interactions. Her skills are not limited; one of her many offerings include website development. She thrives in a group of passionate people who have vision and a willingness to do what it takes to achieve it. Kris will certainly bring her vast skills, experience and infectious energy to all of her endeavours.

Contact Kris to find out how she will help you to improve your operations and leaders.
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