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About   KH Consulting

Results ~ Efficient ~ Simple & Sustainable ~ Personalized ~ Established Trust ~ Collaborative ~ Transparent

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Kris has been consulting and working with leaders and businesses for over 28 years. She has been described as a leader who has the "gift of establishing transformational growth and change for people and organizations". She genuinely cares about her clients. She  will seek solutions to meet their individual needs. Kris believes that each situation is unique. By taking time to clarify the specific needs of her clients Kris will customize a service that will best benefit their business and leaders. Kris is creative, compassionate and interactive with a formulaic approach to all areas of her work.

Kris' process is designed for results by being efficient from the initial contact to completion.


She keeps the work & relationship with you simple so that the outcome is sustainable.


Kris personalizes her services to meet your needs & budget.


She will establish trust with you and your stakeholders by working collaboratively and with transparency.

Experienced & Credible

Friendly & Professional


&   Confidential

 Curious & Compassionate 

 Proudly serving leaders in start-up to large sized private & public businesses

& non-for-profit organizations in Western Canada since 1990.

Contact Kris to find out how she will help you to improve your operations and leaders.
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