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Service Offerings

"Without continual growth and progress, such words as

improvement, achievement and success have no meaning."

Benjamin Franklin

HR & People   Solutions 

Let's face it, leading people can be challenging. The responsibility of being the manager/supervisor/boss is time consuming and emotional. If not done effectively the experience for the employee and the employer can be dismal. And costly. It can also be very rewarding, if done well. Being a great supervisor is advantageous to your leaders and the businesses bottom line.


To be an effective leader of people, you must adapt to those you guide, motivate and inspire. You also need to be an amazing communicator and an influencer of people. This is difficult to do on your own. Many leaders have moved through "the ranks" and found themselves with direct reports. They have not been properly trained, may not have the skill or do not have clarity of how to support those who work for them.


Kris will help!


She is an expert who will support your managers and staff through the process of on-boarding, leadership solutions and performance planning. Kris will help you to establish processes and systems to manage people that can be utilized over and over again.



  1. Employee Performance Planning support & guidance

  2. Interviewing potential candidates & on-boarding new employees

  3. Determining employee needs based on organizational structure

  4. Creating & updating job descriptions/position profiles

  5. Employee Layoff & Termination guidance & support 

Retained & Ongoing Services

Retain Kris' services on a contractual and on-going basis as your organizations HR and OD consultant.

Individual Service for   Hire

Invite Kris to facilitate conversations that will increase your stakeholders awareness, knowledge and skill on an as needed basis.



Kris' ultimate purpose is to help people and organizations to move forward with clarity. Work with Kris to identify what services she can provide to give you and your group optimal value.

Partnering &


Working together is what it is all about! Kris is happy to co-facilitate with leaders within your organization, and also with external industry experts . She is skilled at supporting others to arrive at the common goal.


Kris will: 


  • Address business and leadership challenges quickly.

  • Guide you and your group towards a clear, realistic and structured purpose.

  • Provide preventative and proactive solutions that will engage, streamline and provide clarity.

  • Identify methods and systems that will support teams to work efficiently and within a supportive environment.

  • Help to remove obstacles and replace them with methods, systems and behaviours resulting in positive and forward movement.

Contact Kris to find out how she will help you to improve your operations and leaders.
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